About Resto Meal

Ordering App

Online Easy Ordering Food

  • Advance search for nearby restaurant
  • Filter restaurant by cuisine or by services
  • Auto detects location address and save fav address of office or home
  • Multiple addons for food item
  • Multiple size and price for food item
  • Ingredients selections for food item
  • Cooking reference
  • Real time order status
  • Easy to re-order previous ordered food item

Ordering App UI

Driver App

Receiving & Managing Orders Made Easy

  • End to End driver’s daily task manager
  • User friendly delivery/pickup task
  • Notification Manager
  • Realtime location of your driver
  • Group your driver by assigning them to a team
  • Push notification/SMS and email to your driver
  • Real time map route and direction from nearest to farthest
  • Light account manager for driver’s daily Translation
  • Digital End Client signature
  • Viewing task on Calendar
  • Making Driver Online/ Offline Feature
  • Realtime driver who's online notification
  • Team can customize as per requirement

Driver App UI

POS app

Receiving & Managing Orders App and for Kiosk

  • Receive orders with android & IOS push notification
  • Receive customer orders realtime in your mobile for admin or on Android tablet
  • Accept and decline orders
  • Change order status (Decline, Accept, Assigned to driver, Delivered etc.)
  • Send SMS and Email to customer about there order status
  • Pull down features to load recent orders
  • Separated tab menu for todays order, pending orders and all orders
  • Translation ready
  • Can view order history
  • Can search order by id or by customer name


Super Admin Features (Web)

  • Sponsored Listing
  • Add your own membership with expiration date and price.
  • Package discount
  • Collect payment using paypal / Stripe and other local payment gateway
  • Social Network
  • Social network link
  • Merchant membership payment reports
  • Merchant Registration report
  • facebook login
  • Customization as per requirement

Merchant Administration Features (Web)

  • Easy to manage food item
  • Manage addon category
  • Size’s for food item eg. smal or large
  • Has Option for cooking reference eg. Well done, Medium rare etc
  • Manage address , tax , delivery charges , Receipt Message etc.
  • Send email notification to owner once there is new order.
  • Accept payment using paypal, you can set the paypal to sandbox for testing.
  • All reports can be exported to excel csv file
  • Sales charts by item
  • Sales charts for last 30 days