Backbone js Development Services

Backbone.js as the name indicates itself Backbone.js operates as a backbone for applications. It is one of the well-known frameworks used in applications these days. As a lightweight JavaScript framework based on Model-View-Presenter (MVP), most of the companies are using this framework in designing applications. It gives structure to a number of web applications by offering models with key-value binding and custom events solutions. Beckon Delve Websolutions offer Backbone JS development Services worldwide.

The rich JavaScript framework is a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling that connects existing API with the interface. With our proficiency and years of knowledge, we proffer end-to-end iBeacon Application Development application development services in an organized manner.

Our Expertise

At Beckon Delve Websolutions, our proficiency, knowledge, and excellence processes allow our clients to get iBeacon Application Development based projects developed as per their necessities and budgets. We have an extremely capable and experienced team of backbone.js developers, having the wide-ranging skill set for developing robust web applications in numerous industry domains.

Advantages of Backbone.js

  • Effective Advertising Tool
  • Cheap and Easy to Adopt
  • Boosts the Power of Personalization
  • Provides Insightful Data
  • Increases App Engagement and Retention

Why We Use Backbone.js

  • BackboneJS is the future of web development.
  • Your applications are real-time
  • Develop with just one language
  • Turn your BackboneJS app iOS and android apps
  • Your applications are lightweight
  • It’s fast use
  • Application write with less code

Backbone.JS is a framework of JavaScript that nicely plays with jQuery as well as Ruby on Rails. Using the framework adds structure to the JS apps. People use it for separating business logic from the view logic. Write mobile HTML5 apps with Backbone.JS and it’s easy to port the code later to a desktop web application. The framework is really cross-platform and not meant to be used only on mobile devices like most other frameworks are.

Benefits of Backbone.js

  • Build your app for any device.
  • Use the same code whether you’re developing for web, iOS, Android, or desktop.
  • Write less code for accomplish the task from other.
  • It uses client side database for best performance.
  • Use the thousands of libraries with additional functionality.


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