Meteorjs Development

Meteor or MeteorJS is one of the popular free and open source JavaScript web frameworks that are based on the isomorphic model. It is written in the Node.js and employed for building web and cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

The developers can also implement it with MongoDB. Furthermore, it also helps to publish-subscribe pattern along with the usage of the Distributed Data Protocol. With Meteor, the developer’s job gets simplified as he does not have to write the synchronized codes.

Meteorjs Development Company

  • Faster and real-time app development
  • Cross platform flexibility
  • JavaScript app platform
  • Very reactive

Why We Use Meteor JS

  • Meteor is the future of web development.
  • Your applications are real-time
  • Develop with just one language
  • Turn your meteor app iOS and android apps
  • Your applications are lightweight
  • It’s fast use
  • Application write with less code

MeteorJs is great for creating real-time web application. MeteorJs is very reactive means any modification to your data is automatically reflected everywhere throughout the app. It is open source, JavaScript based framework, developed on nodeJs. MeteorJs uses JavaScript both on the server and client sides. That’s the reason why Meteor sometimes referred as a full stack JS framework. It is the lead of a new wave of frameworks that allows building web apps in an easier, simpler, and the faster way. This is all JavaScript, so now there is no need to deal with one language in the browser and another on the server.

Benefits of Meteor JS

  • Build your app for any device.
  • Use the same code whether you’re developing for web, iOS, Android, or desktop.
  • Write less code for accomplish the task from other.
  • It uses client side database for best performance.
  • Use the thousands of libraries with additional functionality.


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