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Flutter For App Owners.

With the continuous increase in rate of Flutter apps being published on Google Play, Flutter is becoming a hot topic. As it promises beautiful apps, developed quickly without compromising on efficiency when compared to native developments, it is successfully flattering the App Owners. Few reasons are discussed below to go with flutter.

Faster Development

Development in Flutter saves a lot of time as it is a cross-platform solution, so one codebase can be run on both Android and iOS, which means that it will take “at least one quarter less” than writing separate projects for both platforms.

Real-time App Updates on Android and iOS

The same codebase for both platforms allows you to release app updates simultaneously unlike doing separate projects for both platforms.Of course, it is worth remembering that iOS application must pass Apple review each time it is updated.

Maintain and Develop New Features Effortlessly

Once your apps are ready and published, you can focus on mounting the user base by fixing existing bugs and adding new features. With Flutter, it can be easier because you have to hire one developer instead of one for iOS and the other for Android.

An Ideal Choice for Advanced UI

Creating good looking custom UI elements is very easy, and you will have them working on both Android and iOS. This makes a Flutter a perfect choice for apps with advanced, custom UI designs.

Easy Adapting to Different Screen Dimensions

Writing and fitting views to different screen dimensions are made easier with Flutter layout system and its declarative nature of the framework. Making animations is also smoother than in native iOS and Android.

Technology Tested by Giants

Flutter is still relatively young but it is already tested in the field by such companies as Google and Alibaba. Google is a maintainer of Flutter, so this may be not authoritative, but Alibaba with over 50 million users gives you the idea that you can trust in Flutter as a technology for your next product.

Compiled Code: Stable Performance

Unlike ReactNative, NativeScript or Ionic Flutter code is drawn on system canvas. This gives the application an additional performance boost. In fact, the framework team is proud to provide stable 60/120 FPS performance on most of the devices.

Hassle-free migration from any platform

Flutter can easily help you to convert your existing app, natively developed in iOS/Android, in Flutter platform and provide multiple platform support to your customer hassle-free. It enables easy and cost-effective maintenance of your application with single source code. Also, provide rich customer experience without losing a crisp of the native platform.


The idea of hybrid cross-platform mobile app development in Flutter comes into the picture when you want to save time without compromising on the overall outcome. This will not only save time but a lot of costs as well, as you need not hire to separate teams for iOS and Android.

Flutter For Company

Imagine a Team XI constructed of just all-rounders. How would that team fair? Similar is the case with flutter. It’s the new player in the market and that too an all-rounder as it works for both iOS and Android. Companies are looking for options to develop apps within a short time and with a limited budget. This is the place Google Flutter acts as the hero! Let’s have a look at the benefits of flutter for the development companies:

Free Open-source

Both Flutter and Dart are open-source and free to use and provide extensive documentation and community support to help out with any issues you may encounter.

Team Scalability

Hiring has become relatively easier in Flutter. Companies can hire the best candidate regardless if they are from Web, iOS or Android. You can merge your teams on a single code base, thus knowledge transfer is hassle-free.

Supported by Google and Flutter community

Google provides their relentless support to the upcoming Flutter developers and the community is also growing at a remarkable pace. So, if your business apps use Flutter, then do not worry about developer support and upgrades. Google will take care of it!

Fast time-to-market

As Flutter has its own widget library, code reuse becomes more convenient and efficient. Also, the hot reload option in Flutter takes only milliseconds to make updates or fix bugs to the existing Flutter code. A Flutter developer can get your business apps into the market within half the time, resource, and money consumed by Android and iOS developers.

Impressive User Interface (UI)

Flutter has layered architecture which makes it more expressive and flexible in terms of UI as it provides faster UI rendering, resulting in more personalized and impressive designs. Flutter also supports Android versions from Jelly Bean and iOS versions from 8 onwards with no additional effort and cost investments.

Complete Native Performance

Flutter gives the absolute native experience, indistinguishable from native apps. Dart, the programming language in Flutter and It can function as both Ahead of Time (AOT) and Just In Time (JIT) compilers for faster performance. The widgets in Flutter accomplish the perfect job of bridging all UI differences like scrolling, navigation, icon, and fonts.

Trouble-free integration with existing apps

With Flutter by your side, you need not have to get your team to rewrite the entire code since flutter provides an easy integration facility with existing business apps. As easy as it sounds, Flutter offers a simple onboarding process with its submodules and libraries.

Perfect for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

With limited budget and time to develop your MVP, Flutter comes to rescue. Using Flutter you can build crisp and the clear app really fasts which can serve native platforms iOS and Android. This will helps your investor to understand MVP live in front of them and they can also try their hands on it, thus validating your MVP idea quickly.

Flutter for app developer

By default, Flutter apps are written in Google’s Dart language, a fast, object-oriented programming language which is in itself is easy to learn. Once you are past the steep learning curve Flutter almost works like magic. Abracadabra… There are various reasons for mobile developers to go with Flutter. Some of them are discussed below.

The Hot Reload feature

Very simple and straightforward setup and configuration of automatically examine the system for any problems related to UI and fix bugs in an extremely short time.

It’s all Widgets!

Designing takes less time in Flutter as it offers proprietary widgets for Cupertino and Material design components. When building a fully-custom user interface, those components look superb.

Proactive resources

All the hardware-specific APIs are available for Flutter now. If something is missing, it is being actively developed so there is no shortage of available resources.

Emerging Flutter Comunity

Flutter has a vast community following. As a result, plenty of developers are there in the development of this open-source platform ensuring that this trend has no long time side effects if followed.

Fast Performance

As React Native relies on JavaScript Bridge, so comparatively, it is a little slower than Flutter. Flutter doesn’t depend on JavaScript Bridge; its performance is faster than React Native.

Excellent Career opportunity

When development time comes down, naturally development cost will also come down. So, Flutter app development will also prove to be cost-effective and promising.All the above-mentioned points mean that Flutter is a very developer-friendly framework so developers are greatly attracted to it. They have developed many mobile apps in Flutter.


The gist of above discussions Flutter is an excellent product of Google and its hot in the market. If you feel complacent by working on native platforms and don’t want to stick with one platform you must go with Flutter

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