The Right App To Break Communication Barrier


Talk2All Inc's mission is to develop affordable technology that will improve productivity and help people communicate easily with the rest of the world irrespective of their language or speech difficulties. The assumption with phones is that the users need to speak for communicate. But, what if the users cannot speak? With this question, Talk2All was born.


In addition to the speech synthesis, Talk2All also breaks the language barrier enabling everyone to communicate with each other irrespective of the language spoken. Talk2All takes care of language translations for both voice and text while the users simply express themselves in the language they are comfortable with.

Concept Design

Application Features

Learning a new language is no more a requirement to communicate with the rest of the world. Stop thinking and start communicating in your native language.

All messages sent and received via chat/ Voice-Call are encrypted as users' privacy has the highest priority.

Built-In Intelligence to pick the best and most accurate language translations and speech synthesis.

Account management within App. No need to ever login to a computer for account management.

Works on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G networks. Can be used on tablets and phones.

No Ads. The screens are filled with functionality and hence we have no available screen space for displaying Ads :).

Chat Features

Free chat between Talk2All app users. Supports group chat.

Real time text translation and built-in intelligence to select the appropriate language translation for the message receiver.

100+ language translations are supported so far and growing.

Select users' languages from the chat screen and change them dynamically.

Multiple Tabs for message logs.

Each tab has the chat transcript in the respective users' native languages.

Voice Call Features

Free voice calls; real time Text-To-Speech (TTS) translation during active voice call.

Language selections can be changed during an active call. Algorithms adapt for the translations accordingly.

Active Logging. The entire communication log will be displayed on the call screen for reference during voice call and chat.

Less typing via options available for repeat, delete, clear the frequently used and the sent messages.

Store favorite messages.

Store the recently typed message history.

Cancel background noise.

Final Output

The Result

Talk2All provides chat, SMS and voice call capabilities while translating your message real-time into several languages. Now, you can stop thinking about language barrier and start communicating.