The Right App To Break Communication Barrier


Talk 2 All is an app that has been conceived, developed and designed for the users to communicate in the emergencies. The functionality is very unique using which 2 different languages communicators can communicate efficiently real time one to one communication & consequently,their text will be received to each other in their native language.In this 2 people with different native languages are able to talk via real time chat services. The other most incredible service is Text to Speech. One can write to deliver his message real time on call


Strategy behind this app to make life easy for the medically challenged people,who have difficulty in speaking hence,they can delivered their voice by writing it in text which will be spoken by the system in the App we builtin.In this way,millions of users will be benefited via this tremendous tool. We have given shapes to new possibilities through Mobile technology.The best approach is to keep it simple and less expensive. Pay what you use for buying credits.

Concept Design

The Facts and Figures:

The academic data given below is sourced from the Department of Education and OFSTED:




State Primary Schools


Independent Primary Schools


State Secondary Schools


Independent Secondary Schools


Further Education Colleges and Universities

Final Output

The Result

The clients came to us with the demand for an app that could make it easy for parents to choose schools for their children, by comparing good options and localities, on a single platform. We gave them ‘School Reviewer.’

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