Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers flexible and reliable infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. If you want to host your IT infrastructure on the Internet, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a cost effective option. Being highly secure and stable, it has an option of pay-as-you-go. You do not need to pay any up-front expenses or long-term commitments. You can get storage and compute power as per your business requirements.

The Best AWS Cloud Application Strategy & Development Services

Amazon web development services are steadily rising in demand since its inception in 2006. With almost one and a half decade of history, AWS has become one of the top cloud and web services platforms. AWS is a collection of remote computing services on a cloud computing platform by Amazon.

AWS offers a large computing capacity option much faster and cheaper than to build a physical server farm. With the right combination of AWS set of tools, you can harness the services and maximize the efficiency of cloud computing.

Choose Beckon Delve to get the most personalized Amazon Web Services ranging from AWS migration strategies to AWS IoT solutions and everything in between.

Practical Benefits from AWS App Development

Our AWS apps and software solutions are fully customizable and tailored to every business’ individual needs.

  • Real time Performance Optimization & Load balance
  • With AWS architecture your cloud solution can run at peak efficiency
  • Pay-as-you-go option available for Services
  • Regular AWS Infrastructure Health Monitoring
  • Supports Agile Development Methodology
  • No Capacity Limits to Storage

WHY TO CHOOSE Backon Delve for Amazon Web Services?

Backon Delve also offers more customized AWS support to clients if necessary. We can help you manage AWS cloud-based applications and systems. Our team of expert engineers and technicians provide excellent support for preparing Cloud environment for your applications. The AWS support we provide takes care of your organization’s reputation, data, intellectual property, and sensitive information. We enable you get the best from your Cloud computing investment.

Scale and Optimize your Application with AWS Services

  • Backon Delve can supplement or extend your technical teams by providing 24x7 management of your databases and workloads in AWS.
  • We can assist you to plan your AWS strategy to accomplish maximum cost savings and ROI.
  • Our big data architects, consultants, and engineers can help you navigate the big data world, and build an AWS solution that integrates seamlessly with your current data infrastructure.
  • Tap into our cloud, database, and automation expertise to migrate your applications and databases painlessly to AWS.
  • With our AWS consulting services, we can assist you to discover an actionable business roadmap that leverages the potential of AWS.
  • Leverage cloud-only AWS solutions to automate your cloud operations, expedite technology adoption, and convert your data into value.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services for organizations

Cost Effective & Affordable

There is no long term commitment, consumes only the required amount of compute. It offers low, pay as you go price. With AWS, the organization pays only what is required.


There is no data loss and you have the option of quickly adding or subtracting AWS resources according to your need.


The flexibility of AWS allows for programming models, languages, migrating legacy applications, and operating systems to suit your project.


The security and privacy of the system is of the utmost importance to AWS. You can be sure your data will be ‘handled’ with the confidentiality and integrity you deserve.


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