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The Internet of Things (IoT) essentially refers to an association of detached computing devices with sensors connected through the infrastructure of the internet. The concept may have been sparkle away in the industry for a long time, but the democratization of computing technology through the availability and affordability of small computing devices has now pushed it rigidly into the mainstream. So how did we get to this point?.

A brief dragnet through the IoT’s evolution can be summed up quite simply as things getting smaller – a cycle of depreciation that began with computers the size of a room and ended up with a Smartphone in the palm of hands.


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) developed this website to help you understand and compare the attributes of physical elements of IoT systems, communication network equipment and protocols, and the standards used in various industries. To get started, select the sector you are interested in learning more about:

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The Tracking Analytic Device Cloud IoT Platform uses OPC-UA(Open Platform Communication-Unified Architecture) information modelling to connect and organize data from different sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analytics.

Cloud-Based Device Monitoring and Management for the IoT

Backon's Tracking Analytic Device Cloud is a cloud based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including devices, databases, web services, sensors, users and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Users can access the system with any mobile device or tablet with a web browser.

The Tracking Analytic Device Cloud platform is built to industry standards based on OPC UA (Open Platform Communication-Unified Architecture), a secure, platform-independent, service-oriented architecture developed by the OPC Foundation, The Interoperability Standard for Industrial Automation.

Tracking Analytical Device

Tracking Analytical Device is built on OPC-UA (Open Platform Communication-Unified Architecture) and has the ability to support millions of assets through information modeling. The system includes data connectivity for thousands of devices and systems, including: OPC UA, OPC DA(Data Access), SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol), MQTT(MQ Telemetry Transport), Domoticz, Empress, SQL and ODBC data sources, Excel workbooks, Allen Bradley, BACnet, Modbus and Siemens S7 devices, as well as Monnit, Libelium, Advantech Wzzard, and B-Scada sensors. Custom data sources can also be supported.

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